How to DIY Katherine's Deconstructed Framed Poster

How to DIY Katherine's Deconstructed Framed Poster

Jason Loper
Sep 7, 2011

The Pulp poster hanging over the desk in Katherine & Jem's Humboldt Park Bazaar Apartment is one of my favorite ways to give new life to an old poster. And all it takes is the guts to cut up a poster and a few acrylic frames…

Katherine and Jem's beloved Pulp poster was looking a bit tired and tattered after years of dorm room use and abuse. It seemed silly to try to have the poster professionally framed at that point so Katherine instead decided to cut up the poster and place it in acrylic frames of various sizes. Not only does this give the poster new life, it also gives her the flexibility to shift the pieces around. And that's exactly what Katherine did when she and Jem moved into their new apartment. The photo below shows the poster configuration in the old apartment:

If you like the look but would rather have things look a little more tailored, you could pick up frames of the same size and try to distribute the poster evenly amongst them when you cut it to pieces. Then, rather than hang the frames randomly, try to hang them evenly spaced.

Images: Jason Loper

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