While looking through one of our favorite how to resources, ReadyMade's online project gallery, we spotted this great lighting project. We are a huge fan of DIY lighting fixtures and this project by Jamie Reynolds promises a great looking light fixture that we can make for only $24. What a great way to upcycle coffee cans!

Using 3 large metal coffee cans, lightbulb sockets, and some nuts and bolts, lighting designer Jamie Reynolds has upcycled used coffee cans into a great lighting fixture. With the metal left unpainted, the cans lend a clean modern look to any room and are a great way to re-use something that would ordinarily just end up in the recycling bin.

To transform your coffee cans into a light fixture you will need (in addition to the coffee cans of course), 3 keyless medium-base lightbulb sockets, 3 silver gauge cord sets, nuts, washers, and bolts. The tools required for this project are a drill, screwdriver, pliers, marker and a ruler. The estimated total cost for the materials for this project is $24.

We think this is an awesome way to upcycle coffee cans and for $24 it is a great way to get a unique light fixture for a very low cost.

For the complete instructions check out Coffee Can Lamp.

[images ReadyMade]