How To Create Clay Cookie Cutter Cord Keepers

How To Create Clay Cookie Cutter Cord Keepers

Taryn Williford
Jun 26, 2013

They say necessity is the mother of invention. They also say great minds think alike. If "they" are right, then these two great minds must have really needed something cute, easy and creative to keep their earbud cords under wraps.

Two bloggers (one inspiring the other), Aki of Minted Strawberry and Kristin of Idle Wife, each created cord wrap trinkets for their headphone cords out of crafting clay baked like cookies.

Aki made this Gingerbread Man cord keeper from bakeable polymer clay. After using a cookie cutter to stamp out the shape, she poked holes with a bamboo skewer. The holes do two things: they make this Ginger look like he's already been bitten, and more importantly, they help keep cords tucked in around the shape.

Kristin followed suit, crafting her cord wrap with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, making it a bit larger to keep even bigger or longer cables in control. She also decided to use air-drying clay from Crayola.

Anyone looking to make their own version of these useful little trinkets just needs to follow the same simple formula: clay + shape + holes = cord wrap. Use a cool shape and add paint to customize the project to any occasion, perfect as a gift idea.

More info & images: Minted Strawberry
More info & images: Idle Wife

(Images: Minted Strawberry, Idle Wife)

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