How To: Create More Storage Space in the Kitchen

How To: Create More Storage Space in the Kitchen

Sarah Coffey
Dec 4, 2007

Small kitchens are a common feature in most city apartments, which means making the most of the storage space available. When tackling your kitchen cupboards, be vigilant about donating dishes and canned goods you don't use. After you've purged your excess items, organize what's left. We've compiled some easy ways to create more storage space in your kitchen. Click below to see the list.

1) Declutter Your Kitchen: If you need help purging clutter, Chapter 2 of the Apartment Therapy Book gives a detailed strategy for cleaning out the kitchen. Get rid of expired food or canned goods you haven't used in 12 months, donate dishes and cookware you don't use, and get rid of anything that's broken or stained.

2) Double Your Shelf Space: Use undershelf baskets or cabinet shelves to create stacked shelving within cabinets.

3) Hang It Up: Use wall-mounted racks or hooks to hang cookware, tea towels, and kitchen accessories. You can also use a magnetic wall-mounted spice rack to keep spices or other odds and ends in clear view. (There's a great DIY version at My Aim is True.)

4) Organize Your Glassware: Glassware hogs a lot of space in kitchen cabinets since, unlike bowls or plates, it's not always stackable. Wine glasses can be hung on a stemware rack to free up space, or use a wire shelf for glassware inside a tall cabinet.

5) Store Larger Items in Racks: Platters, baking sheets, and pot lids can be stored on their side and easily accessed by using a rack.

6) Use Drawer Organizers: Keep silverware in place with a cutlery tray and keep the junk drawer clean with a gadget tray.

7) Take Advantage of Unused Space: If you're short on storage space, use empty areas to their full potential. A lot of kitchens have storage above the cabinets. Get a step stool and store rarely used items up high. You can also use under-cabinet and under-shelf space for storage.

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