How To: Create Vertical Wine Racks

Readers David and Jeanette moved to San Francisco from DC a few years ago and started developing a problem to which many Bay Area residents can no doubt relate; the couple's frequent trips to Napa and Sonoma led to a burgeoning wine collection, but the selection of wine racks from big box stores left much to be desired. They needed wine storage that wouldn't take up much space, but also that their plaster walls could hold, so they decided to create their own...

They started by attaching Ikea's 'Vurm' bottle holders to three pieces of stained plywood. The vertical strips rest on the floor, so the weight of the bottles isn't held solely by the plaster walls. The tops of the panels are held together by a white cross-piece which is anchored to the wall, and the white shelf keeps them together at the bottom while also providing a bit of extra storage space. The finished unit looks wonderful, takes up minimal space in the couple's dining room, and cost under $200. Great job, David and Jeanette!