Creating Your Perfect Color Palette

Style by Emily Henderson

You might gravitate toward certain colors, but it's a different game to combine multiple shades and tones to create a cohesive personal palette. Enter decorator Emily Henderson, who has helpful guidelines you can follow.

Her first, very logical tip is to start with your favorite color. For her, this is indigo; for me, it's teal. For you, it might be red or emerald or yellow — Emily suggests looking to your wardrobe if you aren't sure of the answer.

Next, she suggests adding complementary highlights and low-lights to the mix. Finally, make sure you've brought together cool and warm tones so that the end result is balanced. On her blog, she includes helpful images to show how an all-cool or all-warm look goes awry.

For more details, read the full post at Style by Emily Henderson.

(Image: Style by Emily Henderson)

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