How To Deal With Blinding Glare From Glass Building?

How To Deal With Blinding Glare From Glass Building?

Tess Wilson
Dec 8, 2015

Q: Hello Apartment Therapy readers! A new building is being constructed across the street from my apartment. Recently, all-glass exterior panelling was added, and I've discovered that the southern facing wall of the building reflects blinding sunlight into my apartment all afternoon. I think the glare is dangerous—it was literally painful when I accidentally looked directly at it. Obviously, I can—and have—been using window treatments to mitigate the problem. However, I don't want to have to block the light, especially during the dark winter months. And I'm worried about what will happen in the summer, when I already get severe direct sunlight in my western window for something like 8 hours a day...

So, besides strategically using curtains, do I have any other options? Could contacting my city or the other property make any impact? Who do I contact? -Sent by Blinded By The Light

Editor: I would be livid if I was forced to block one bit of my home's natural light—and don't even get me started on super-powerful laser beam reflections! Readers, please share your best advice regarding practical solutions, legal options, and which sunglasses look best indoors.

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