How To... Declutter Your Desk

How To... Declutter Your Desk

Regina Yunghans
Mar 5, 2007

Wires drive us nuts. That's why we were so happy to see this tip from Tyson. This how-to, Declutter Your Desk, is a helpful, cheap way to cut down on exposed computer wires and devices. Van Mardian has created this do-it-yourself system that completely hides everything under the desktop itself.

Pegboard is mounted to the underside of the desk, creating a field on which all external computer equipment is secured. Extra lengths of wire is secured here, too, leaving a clean and peaceful desktop. All for around $30, not including equipment, of course.

See the link above for lots of step-by-step photos of Merdian's project and shots of his readers' own renditions. The photo we're showing is one of his reader's solutions, complete with wireless keyboard and mouse. But this can be done without that fancy stuff, too.

(Thanks for the tip, Tyson!)

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