Wallpaper, wallpaper. Although we love the idea of patterning walls with the amazing modern designs out there, we consistently stick with painting. But the timing of a recently discovered (during unpacking) giant box of wallpaper scored at a Maya Romonoff sale back in '06 aligns nicely with a few ideas in the recent Time Out Chicago issue...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Jessica Herman writes about creative uses for wallpaper, with helpful input from Rose Tejeda-Navarre and Jennifer Rossignuolo, owners of Urban Source. Our favorite is the recessed door panel covering. We'd hate to cover up beautiful, well preserved doors, but ours are pretty fug (painted over and probably from the early 60s), and a great patterned paper on the recessed portion might help us not hate them.

Also covered in the Home section of this issue: Casey Gunschel's Palace Papers, available at Urban Source. We're looking forward to seeing her newest design, Heroine, released this summer.