How To Decorate Your Desk… Quickly and Cheaply

How To Decorate Your Desk… Quickly and Cheaply

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 13, 2011

There are times when you need to slow down to smell the flowers. Then, there are times when you just need to get things done quick. Here's our technique on how to blaze through the home office decorating process while maintaining a bare minimum level of Unplggd-approved hominess.

1. Grab a Lamp: Instant light will give your desk the feeling of getting down to business. IKEA sells a bunch of them for under $20.

2. Supply the Cup: You'll need a spot to hold all of your pens, scissors, and other office supplies. Make sure you get one that's sized reasonably according to your desk. This $9 acrylic cup on Amazon might do the trick.

3. String & Binder Clips for Photos: One of the simplest decorating techniques (and not limited to the office) is stringing up a bunch of your favorite photos by using nothing but metal wire, mounting pins, and a couple of binder clips. Above $3 pastel clips from Staples.

4. Don't Forget the Cable Management. Even though we're speeding through this process, we're not one to forget about cable management in helping keep that desk clutter-free and those unsightly wires away from view. For $7, you can pick up the Bluelounge Cabledrops to get your power cords in order.

We believe that should be more than enough to get you started. If you have more tips, please share it below!


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