How to Deep Clean Your Apple Keyboard

We're all about keeping it clean here at Unplggd and due to the large amount of Apple tech that we own, keeping our white keyboards sparkling is a continuous challenge. While we have covered various ways to clean keyboards in the past, we have not really dived into deep cleaning before. This Instructable shows us how to get the deep clean our keyboards desperately need and it's just the thing for Fall Cleaning!

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After discovering that keyboards hold 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, Instructables user =SMART= decided to give his Apple keyboard a deep clean.

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The key to getting a good deep clean is having the right tools for the job and taking the time to carefully remove the keys. Although you can use a cotton swab or mascara wand, =SMART= decided in the interest of time to use a Dremel tool with the soft cotton circle, small plastic brush, and white abrasive bits.

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We think that using the Dremel tool is a clever idea and we love that it removes the need to use any cleaning solutions.

Check out the post on Instructables, for the ultra easy DIY instructions.

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[Images: Instructables user =SMART=]

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