How To: Defog Your Insulated Windows

How To: Defog Your Insulated Windows

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 23, 2009

There is a way to save your icky windows!

This question: Drippy Window Fog Solution? garnered a lot of interest since last June, but just today we recieved a comment that seems to offer a very interesting solution; drill a hole and wash the window from the inside and suck out the moisture!

Luke Jones from Luke Jones Window Cleaning in Southampton, England writes in...

"Why do multiple-pane windows fog?

What happens is that windows get stress, sometimes from bad insulation. The result is that air particles inside get dislodged and as no window is 100% sealed, a small amount of moisture gets in each day and would normlly be no issue, but now it is getting held in by the disloged air particles.

Yes, sometimes the shower, cooking or potplants can cause fog, but if you windows lack stress and have the right RV value, this won't happen.

What's the solution?

To restore the RV value. For a fraction of the cost of a new window, the solution is that you get a window cleaner with defogger equipment to remove the moisture. A very small hole is drilled in the corner of the window, the moisture extracted, the window washed inside, and the window is as good as new."

(Thanks, Luke!)

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