How To: Upholster a Toddler Stool

AT:Chicago's regular upholstery how-to expert Shelly took on a special project this for Ohdeedoh. We thought it was an inspiring way to cap off our month of DIY projects...enjoy!

Project: Toddler Stool
Time: One naptime, 45 minutes
Cost: $25.00

Add just an ounce of comfort to your toddlers day by whipping up a cute little padded stool. All you need is a small sturdy stool, a throw pillow form, scissors, 3/4 yard of fabric and a staple gun. With so many adorable fabrics available, this little seat can be a stylish place for your tot. How about covering it in felt with a happy face character appliqued on top, or some faux spotted pony hide for your little cowboy?

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Tools and Resources:

  • Milking stool available at many home improvement stores
  • 3/4 yard of cute fabric
  • Throw pillow form big enough wrap around edges and staple
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and staples
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Step by Step:

  1. Cut open one side of a pillow form and remove 1/4 to 1/3 of the stuffing for easier stapling
  2. Place pillow on a flat surface
  3. Place milking stool upside down on pillow
  4. Pulling the edges of the pillow firmly, set staples in the centers of each side and then work out towards the corners. You will have to push the corner stuffing up out of the way so you can get a crisp corner stapled down
  5. Center the fabric on top of the stool and flip both upside down on table
  6. Begin stapling in the center of one side with three staples, move to the opposite side and do the same.
  7. Repeat for the other two sides
  8. Now move outward towards the corners, pulling the fabric firmly at a diagonal and staple firmly in place
  9. Fold the corners like the corner of a sheet, making a crisp fold, staple in place


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