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We got some great comments on our previous post about ways to prevent laptop overheating, in which several Unplggd readers shared the common items they use to keep their machines propped up and cool. Here are their suggestions!

1. Laptop feet

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Any small item with a flat top can serve well to lift a laptop's edge. AT user mdorothy uses plastic bottle tops as feet, and J-Chord re-uses leftover cork from arts and crafts projects.

2. Stands and props

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Before I got my M-stand, I used to set my laptop on two books, so that the battery was uncovered and there was room for air to flow. J-Chord also suggested slipping rolls of tape under the edges to give a laptop a bit of lift.

Alternatively, this "DIY Cheapskate laptop stand" is made from cardboard, making it inexpensive or free.

3. Racks and elevation

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To facilitate airflow, AT user k1tsun3 keeps their laptop on a baking cooling rack. If it works for cookies, it works for computers! People have also suggested flipping a mesh inbox upside-down.

4. Electronic surveillance

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Commenter jlanier alerted us to smcFanControl, a free program for Mac OS that lets you monitor your temperature and adjust your fan speed accordingly. Like jlanier, my computer tends to heat up when I'm watching or editing videos, or playing games, so this is a handle feature to have.

Thank you to everyone for sharing their tips!

So, what household items do you use to prop up your laptop?

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