How To Do Bohemian the Scandinavian Way

Slouchy Bohemian maximalism and Scandinavian minimalism might seem like opposite ends of the spectrum, style-wise, but this home in Varberg, on Sweden's West Coast, brings them together in the best possible way.

In the living room above, we see the whitewashed walls and simple color scheme we've seen in so many Scandinavian homes, but with a few twists. The weathered leather furniture and antique rug bring texture and warmth to the space, and the wall of books adds a lived-in feel.

The same goes for this workspace β€” very simple colors and modern furnishings, but with a little extra liveliness thanks to plants and some good clutter.

Plants also add a little life to the bedroom, and on the landing outside, a riotous botanical wallpaper makes a transitional space anything but boring. Taken together, the whole house is proof that mixing together very different styles can have unexpected β€” and unexpectedly delightful β€” results.

See the full tour on Lovely Life.

via My Scandinavian Home

(Image credits: Lovely Life)