How To Dress Really Big Window in a Rental?

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Q:I have a very large window - the size of 4 average windows placed together consecutively - that is dressed in the office-type vertical blinds, which I don't particularly care for. I want to hang curtains, but there are some challenges to the room. The window is quite long, and there is no place for a center support bar so I am worried that a rod will rip out of the wall.

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Also, instead of the window having a bit of wall above, there is an architectural block that juts out, which I'm guessing is about as strong as a ceiling. I am really not sure if I could hang a curtain rod underneath or if it would also rip out. I have considered a tension wire, but I worry about it sagging and looking sloppy:
I'd love suggestions on how to overcome this problem. Please keep in mind, this is a rental and it has your typical sheetrock walls.

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