How To: Dye Eggs Naturally

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Some people are brave. We are not. Kristy of Craftastica is. On a mission to dye eggs naturally, she attempted 10 colors for her first try! And - the results are stunning.

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She used vegetables and spices (red cabbage, red and white onion skins, beets, fennel, spinach, tumeric, cumin, hibiscus tea, cinnamon, and coffee), vinegar and alum along with a few special techniques for creating plant impressions and patterns.

We love how this project can get kids thinking about the different colors of vegetables and foods and that it teaches that colors come from nature not just a box or bottle of dye.

Whether you're planning on dying eggs for Easter or just looking for a beautiful project to do with your kids, we hope you're inspired and encouraged by Kristy's success. See more gorgeous photos and read her advice for best results at her blog, Craftastica.

(Via Whip Up)

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