Using Social Media to Find a Roommate

Using Social Media to Find a Roommate

Taryn Williford
Mar 1, 2012

The rent is too damn high! It's time to cut your losses and find a roomie to share your bills and your tiny apartment with. Luckily, you can make the whole experience sting a little less by using social media to find and research a suitable and sane roommate.

Find a Roommate
Social media is all about connection, so it makes sense that you can use social sites to find and meet roommates.

Below are some tips for making the best of popular social sites to find roommates. Look through these strategies and consider what menthod might be the best way to reach a potential roomie. A good suggestion is to think about where you personally might look for a roommate, as you're likely to find somebody who shares the same lifestyle qualities as yourself.

As always, social media is a minefield. There are lots of crazies out there, so as you search for a housemate, be careful not to reveal any personal information about yourself or your home publicly on the internet.

• Post a status update asking if anybody in your city is looking for a roommate. Combing friends and acquaintances you already know is a great way to find a compatible roommate.
• Post to the Facebook page for your city or the apartment complex or neighborhood you're looking to move in to, seeing if anybody needs a roommate.
• Post to the Facebook page of groups you're interested in, asking if anybody wants to rent your room. This is a great way to find a housemate with similar interests.
• Take out a Facebook ad advertising the room you have available. Facebook's targeted advertising makes it easy to make sure only certain demographics (age, gender) see your ad.

• Tweet that you're looking for a roommate to your followers. Add a hashtag for your city to reach potentially even more people.
• Use Twitter's search feature (or the search feature of your favorite Twitter client) to find people in your city looking for roommates or places to live. A search for "need roommate miami" might turn up some great leads.
• Some brokers or apartment sites run Twitter accounts aimed at connecting potential roommates in certain cities. Do a Google search to see if there's a Twitter account where you live.

• Scan the ads for people seeking roommates under the "Room/Shared" section of Craigslist. The "Sublets/Temporary" section could turn up some great leads as well.
• Post an ad yourself in Craiglist's housing section. Once you've heard from a few possibilities, use other social media tools to filter out the spam and people who aren't a good fit.

Research a Roommate
Once you've selected a roomie, or at least narrowed down a few choices, ask your potential roommates to give you their social media names and let them know you want to check out their Facebook page or Twitter stream to get a better idea of their personality and your hit as roommmates (you can offer up your own account links, too). Also, checking out a potential roommate's profile on Facebook or LinkedIn will allow you to cross-check the info you've been given about their school or work life.

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