How To Find the Best Decor Deals in Your City

How To Find the Best Decor Deals in Your City

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 6, 2014

Tired of paying full price for the things you fill your home with? You may know a few places to snag a good deal, but do you know them all? This weekend, spend some research time — online and on-foot — finding the best furniture and accessories deals your city has to offer.

That friend who always finds great deals? Ask them for secret spots first
Let your stylish and deal-seeking friends do all the work for you! Get them to dish on the best places to find deals on furniture and accessories. Even better? Get them to come along — they might not only know where to go to find the best stores, but they might be willing to share where in-score they go to dig for deals.

Sign up for local stores' newsletters to be the first to get info on sales and deals
And not just the vintage stores, either. You might not think you can afford anything from a local boutique, but follow them on social media and you might catch some sales.

Check your virtual listings to find stores you've never heard of
Or just haven't yet visited. And then take a tour! Be sure to look to parts of the city you don't frequent.

Check the newspapers for furniture deal events
Antique shows, city-wide garage sales and more. It might be the best place to find deals in your city are at temporary pop-up places throughout the year. Research to see if any come through your town and mark it down on the calendar so you don't miss it next time around.

At each location you visit
Make note of prices for objects, and make a few notes of what you see that seems to be under-priced or priced to sell. Some stores might have certain items that are a great deal and others that are overpriced. Also ask the owner or a salesperson for when they get new items in and when they tend to have the most sales —you might find out when they're looking to get rid of inventory.
Have a favorite place to snag a furniture or decor deal in your city? Share in the comments below!

(Image credit: Janel Laban)
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