How To Find Your Desk (or Dining Room Table)

How To Find Your Desk (or Dining Room Table)

Abby Stone
Mar 23, 2009

32309-desk01.jpgWith 3 weeks to go before tax day, this is what my dining room table aka my desk looks like; like a paper bomb exploded. Every year around this time, I'm scrambling to organize the receipts and pay stubs and paper that has morphed from a few pieces into a giant pile. This year, I vow, things will be different...

This year I'll...

  • Save my receipts and stubs only until the bills comes in and then I'll shred them;
  • Set aside a few minutes each week to enter receipts into my Quicken, check my balance, pay bills and do other financially relevant tasks;
  • Enter addresses and phone numbers directly into my IPhone instead of writing them on little scraps of paper;
  • Continue to wean myself off of paper checks and cash (I've found it helps me track my expenses more efficiently at the end of the year if I've paid for everything by credit card and do most of my banking and bill paying online);
  • Reorganize my landing strip to better accomodate the way I actually process mail instead of the way I wish I processed mail;
  • Actually use my filing system instead of just setting one up.

What tips and tricks do you use to actually file instead of just thinking about it? Please share with us in the comments below!

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[image: The Shifted Librarian, with a Creative Commons License]

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