How To: Fix a Sagging Mattress

We love our W Hotel Mattress by Simmons. It's the comfiest bed we've ever slept on. But my side is actually starting to get a little depressed. And I'm not talking about Morrissey "every day is like Sunday" melancholy...there's a noticeable dip on my side.

Considering I'm not overly hefty, I suspect the mattress is sagging because my cuddle-loving better half has intruded into my space and placed double the strain on my side compared to her own. Our combined weight likely has caused a slight depression that Zoloft won't fix.

So I might have to consider trying to bolster the one side up using something like The Mattress Medic or the Contour Mattress Remedy. Another idea is to just cut up an affordable piece of memory foam and place it underneath inbetween the mattress and platform bed. Part of me wants to risk the hassle of getting Simmons to honour their 10 year warranty, but after reading letters like this, one wonders if it is worth the time.