How To: Fold a Fitted Sheet

Nothing irks us more than when something gets in the way of us and a tidy closet. Especially if we're stressed the quickest relief is to take an evening and make the closet shine. But one thing generally stand in the way. Fitted sheets. They simply do not want to go into a neat little square in a way that would really make the linen closet (re: the one shelf above the sink that has any room left over for sheets that aren't currently on the bed) Martha worthy. Finally a solution we can handle:

There are a number of slightly nuanced ways to accomplish the same folded rectangular sheet. They all involve folding the rounded corners into one another. Our favorite is this youtube video for How To Fold A Fitted Sheet Like a Pro which features a middle aged husband giving us the breakdown, very matter of fact and scientific.

If you're at work or don't want to stream a video then try Catie Cake's photo instructions or this one from Real Simple.

Image from Real Simple and the container store.

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