How to Furnish New Living Room?

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Q: I have a plea for help. We're having a hard time figuring out how to arrange the living room. It's rather small, about 13 x 13 in the main area and has an odd shape. The wall behind the couch is angled out, not sure how visible it is in the picture. The corner of the kitchen juts out, although the doors will be open almost all the time and it adjoins the front door/entryway, so there's a traffic flow issue:

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We just moved in so we used the furniture we had until we got a feel for the space. We're trying to avoid having the furniture cling to the walls but the shape and size have us flummoxed. The computer needs to stay, but the desk can change, as can any of the rest of the furniture. Aside from using the computer, we don't really spend much time there so there won't be a TV, but it is the first room in the house so we would like it to look good.

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Good Questions

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