How To Gather Rain Without A Gutter

Maybe your landlord isn't keen on the installation of a rain barrel or maybe you don't have gutters. Even if you only have a small balcony to call outdoor space, there's still a solution to harnessing that wonderful water from above and putting it to good use.

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It doesn't matter how small your space is, this rain barrel hack is a great way to make use of mother nature, even when you don't have room for a traditional drain pipe barrel. Although this system is designed to capture roof run-off in a prominent drip line, we can see it being quite functional when made on a smaller scale for balconies, porches or stoops.

It wouldn't matter if you used 10 barrels or 2, the results would still yield a collection of water to be used around the home. Even if it helped to water the plants, it's still a great way to do your part. Make sure to head over to Instructables to check out the full tutorial on creating one yourself.

(via: Instructables via Zedomax)
(Images: Instructables)