How To: Get an Area Rug on the Cheap

How To: Get an Area Rug on the Cheap

Laure Joliet
Feb 15, 2008

This how to comes from reader Melissa who figured out a way to have a brand new area rug in her living room for around $60. The secret right here:

I've recently moved into a new apartment in So. Pasadena and our new place is all hardwood floors. Now, having to be on a budget with all the decorating i wanna do, I figured that the first thing i needed to cozy up our new place were some rugs. Anyway, long story short. I called up our carpet guy and turns out he's got a lot of left over carpet from previous jobs, he gets them binded and sells them as area rugs. so instead of spending $500 & up on an area rug, I got mine for $65 each.

So hopefully you can share this great tip with everyone else. Just look up your local carpet installer and see what he has to offer. However, beggers can't be choosers but I got a really cool 6x9 thick creamy tufted rug (retails at $24 per/sq foot) for a really great deal. I can share my contact if anyone is interested. He'd be thrilled hippie from Eagle Rock!!

Thanks Lyssa! Anyone else have a cheap area rug tip?

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