How To Get Rid of Cigarette Odor?

How To Get Rid of Cigarette Odor?

Regina Yunghans
Oct 5, 2011

Q: My husband and I recently moved into a rental home in Georgia. My husband is in the military so we had to pick this place out online and weren't able to visit the home before we moved in since we were located in Oklahoma at the time. Well, we arrived and the house is perfect. It's cute and suits all of our needs. There is one problem though. The whole place REEKS of cigarette smoke:

The carpets were cleaned prior to our moving in, but the stench is still very strong throuh out the entire house. I've set out vinegar bowls, baking soda bowls, febreezed the carpets, sprayed a mix of water and vinegar on the walls, plugged in numerous scented oils and lit several candles but the scent still remains. Leaving the windows open helps but as soon is the house is closed up for a few hours the smell returns. I read a similar artice with reader responses on AT, but I'd love it if you'd re-visit the subject in hopes of new suggestions or information from readers.

Sent by Samantha

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