How To Get Rid of This?

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A week or so back we posted that we were considering a new column and many, many of you commented on it.

While the response was overwhelmingly postive, we did note that the naysayers had a really good point: it could easily get too negative. In light of this we're altering the name to How to Get Rid of This? and taking submissions that see to find creative solutions to white elephants in their homes. If it becomes a comment hellhole, we'll cut it.

If you are earnestly seeking a solution, send it in. It can be for couples who loathe the other's belongings OR those who simply don't know how to get rid of something they dislike. Send GOOD pictures and a full description along to editor (at) Apartmenttherapy (dot) com and put HOW TO GET RID OF THIS? in the subject line.

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