(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

We've done a lot of refrigerator cleaning lately: one top-to-bottom cleaning when we moved out of our old apartment, and another full cleaning when we moved in to our new space. Both times, we removed the shelves and drawers, washed them in the sink with soap and hot water, and wiped down the inside of the fridge with Mrs. Meyers all-purpose cleaner. But if you've done all that and your refrigerator still smells a little funky, what do you do? Click below to find out.

After removing any expired food and cleaning all surfaces (with baking soda and water or another green cleaner), use baking soda to remove residual odors. Line a cookie sheet with a layer of baking soda, put it in the bottom of the refrigerator, and keep it there for 24 hours. To keep the refrigerator odor-free, clean it regularly and stow an open box of baking soda inside, replacing the box every few months.