How To Get a Duvet Into the Cover: The Fast, Easy Corner Method

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It's quite possible that one of the main reasons some of us put off washing the sheets is because of the whole mess of wrangling the comforter back into its cover when it's clean. It's a big job, there's usually sweat involved, and if you happen to be wrangln' a California King, you could probably get away with calling it your cardio for the day.

Since we're always looking for the easiest, most efficient ways to do things, we'd like to share our go-to method for getting that comforter back into its cover:


1. Turn the comforter cover inside out

2. Put your hands inside the comforter cover and grab hold of the back 2 corners and hang onto them (this means that if the cover were extended, you would be inside it, but instead it's bunched up on your arms).

3. With your hands still inside the comforter cover, grab the 2 coordinating corners of the comforter so that each hand has a corner of the cover and a corner of the quilt.

4. Then shake the cover right side-out over the comforter, holding on tight to the corners. This takes some perfecting, as the cover will likely get caught about halfway down on the quilt. Go back and forth between the bottom and the top until it's all covered.

5. Finally, button or zip to close up the end, and you're all set!

Edited from a post by Laure Joliet originally published on February 29, 2008

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(Image credits: Bethany Nauert; Ashley Poskin)