(Image credit: Maureen Petrosky)

Our earlier discussion about why you should never apologize to your guests for the state of your home sparked some debate about just how much prep is really necessary before welcoming strangers chez toi. Reader Saseem Frassem chimed in with a genius suggestion that we hadn't thought of. It's one delicious little thing that might make all the difference in the success of your next get-together.

Saseem Frassem:

Instead of apologizing for all the aspects of your home you're self-conscious about, offer your guests a nice glass of champagne or sangria (or if your guests don't drink, fresh water with fruit in it and some tasty pastries). I've found that after my guests enjoy a glass of wine, anything can be forgiven and/or overlooked (even a burned meal or overly-energetic dog!)

Yes! What a great reminder that you can always welcome your guests in style, no matter where you call home.