How To Grow Your Own Food If You're A Renter

How To Grow Your Own Food If You're A Renter

Allison Verdoorn
Aug 1, 2011

When thinking about a system for growing food as a renter there are a few important things to consider: Can you take it with you when you leave? Does it fit in your small space? Does it take advantage of your lighting conditions? Is it a low cost and sustainable solution? Find out more after the jump.

Jennae from Green Your Decor has put together a great guide for growing food as a renter. She has lots of great ideas that are worth checking out, for example:

Potato Bags

In recent years, potato bags have emerged as a popular way to grow plants without all the digging required for a plant that grown underground or the need for a large plot. The bags come empty, so you'll need to fill them with compost. Start with a 4-inch layer, then add the potatoes and cover with more compost. As the potatoes begin to sprout, continue to cover them with compost until four inches from the top.

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(Images: Green Your Decor)

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