How To Handle Quirky Window (and Quirky Landlord)?

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Q: I just moved into a charming, old, third-floor walk-up apartment. Among its many charms is a large, crooked bay window in the living room. The moulding is uneven and beat-up, but the window provides a gorgeous view of the city skyline through the trees. I love the apartment, but my landlord is kind of unusual. I've had to purchase and install a lot of fixtures that would be standard in most apartments. Which brings me to the bay window. I'm trying to figure out window treatments and having a hard time:

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Were I a homeowner, I would just buy horizontal blinds or roman shades and that would be that. However, I don't want to spend a lot of money on fixtures I can't take with me or have to sell awkwardly to the next tenant. I tried to buy old-fashioned roller shades today and found they couldn't cut them small enough for the side windows (~17").

So, to sum up: I'm looking for something inexpensive or transferable, and unobtrusive, so as not to hide my amazing view. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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