Ditch the Frames: 6 Quick & Cheap Ways to Create a Gallery Wall of Art

Creating a gallery wall is easy when you have a system, or a series of ways, to cheaply and quickly hang your art, postcards and photos. Sometimes you don't want to make the investment in frames, and sometimes you just want the flexibility to switch things up from time to time. Here are five of great ways that are cheap, quick, and colorful.

Dental Bib Clips: Yes, this is random but I have a set of these in a variety of colors, and find them super handy for switching out artwork when I get sick of one thing, and want to look at another. You can also buy basic ball chain and attach alligator clips to the ends.

Stickers: Small postcards, photos and other tidbits are light enough to be hung with stickers. I love the basic round labels from office supply stores, but any stickers will do.

Wooden Pants Hangers: Once again, I have a stash of these that I bring out when needed. You can paint them to match decor, or leave them as is for a more natural look.

Paperclips: This is about as basic as it gets, and a good quick option for small photos. Slip one of these guys onto the paper, and hang it on a nail. Dunzo.

Fabric Tape: Patterned washi tape is a lot of fun but any type of colored fabric tape is great for a quick fix. Use just a single piece, or create a faux frame with a tape border if you like.

Plexiglass and L Hooks: Cover the artwork with a sheet of plexiglass, and secure it in place with four of these L hooks (also called square bend hooks). This is a minimalist solution that's chic and inexpensive.

(Image credits: Dabney Frake; Amazon; Amazon; Amazon; Amazon; mt; Amazon)