How To: Hang Artwork in Clusters

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This is the home of Liza Giles, a stylist for Designers Guild. We love the style - but what really jumped out at us when we saw all the images together on decor8 was the way Giles hung the artwork - big, unruly, tight clusters of framed and unframed pieces, creating almost a whole new singular piece out of multiple small ones. We like it. It looks modern and old fashioned at the same time...another example below:

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We'd have to say the rule for this type of arrangement is essentially "throw out the rules" - the look is organic, a bit wonky and unafraid - it's a "just go for it" thing.

Has anyone tried this type of arrangement at home? We'd love to see more examples - send us some photos - chicago(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com !

Photos: by James Merrell for Elle Decoration and Elle Interiors via decor8

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