How to Have a Successful Week: Do These 6 Things Around the House Monday Morning

How to Have a Successful Week: Do These 6 Things Around the House Monday Morning

Adrienne Breaux
May 25, 2014

The most important stretch of time all week long is Monday morning. Fresh off of a relaxing weekend, you've got the opportunity on Monday mornings to decide the tone for the week ahead; you get to be proactive about making sure you set yourself up for a relaxing, in-control work week (as much as one can!). And for many, since this is a holiday weekend, this could be a great opportunity to practice (or start!) a habit.

1. Wake up early
Don't sacrifice any sleep to tack on an extra hour to your Monday mornings, but this is not the day of the week to let yourself get extra shut-eye. Instead, give yourself plenty of time before starting your week to breathe and ease into things.

2. Meditate/stretch/exercise
Whatever fits your personality. But instead of rushing into the rest of your day, consider taking 10 to 15 minutes (longer if you can manage!) to either get your body moving (I'm a huge fan of the 7-Minute Workout) or meditate. You can even just do a little stretching before getting out of bed. It's about raising your energy level and giving yourself a natural mood lifter that will (hopefully) sustain throughout the day (and maybe even week).

3. Eat healthy

It doesn't have to be elaborate, but don't start the day and week off with an unhealthy (or no) breakfast choice. Choose meals that will give you the nutrients to keep you feeling full and energized until lunch time. And starting off the slate with a healthy choice might encourage yourself to keep making healthy food choices for the rest of the week. Here are some healthy breakfast ideas courtesy of the Kitchn:

4. Pick up
We're not saying take your mop out and scrub your floors, but don't walk out the door without putting things back into their place. Tidy up those spots that always seem to clutter quickly. And, if you've got time, take a broom to obviously dusty floors and wipe down a few countertops. It'll make a world of difference to come home to a picked-up house at the end of a long Monday.

5. Find your "you are here" spot in your life
Whether it's all digital or you've got a central location where you keep a calendar of important appointments, check in. See what the rest of the week looks like in terms of professional and personal appointments. See what bills are due and what deadlines are looming. Not only will this prevent any unpleasant surprises from cropping up in the middle of the week, it'll help ground you in your life (for this week, at least).

6. Greet everyone (and yourself) with a smile
Whether it's your spouse, your roommate or a pet, greet them with an almost annoyingly cheerful "good morning!" It'll do wonders to making you feel more cheerful yourself. And don't forget yourself — try smiling at yourself in the mirror as you get ready instead of frowning (or just having a neutral face).

Are there any things you do on Monday mornings that make you have a successful rest of the week? Share your tips in the comments below!

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