How To: Ice Wreath

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This may be our favorite holiday decorating idea this year - it's pretty, it's cheap (possibly free), it's easy and the whole family can get involved. This is not, however, a good idea for apartment dwellers such as ourselves but if you don't have your own front door or you don't live somewhere very cold, this would be the perfect activity to kick off a holiday visit to relatives.

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Resurrection Fern shared her tips (and photos) for making an ice wreath on her blog. You'll need round bowls (she recommends a bundt pan if you have one), berries or ferns or other pretty objects to freeze (we're thinking holly and extra greens from the tree), water, and someplace cold (ideally, your porch or your freezer if there's room and you don't want to put your boots on).

Have fun!

Visit Resurrection Fern for more of her photos and all her tips - how best to remove the ice wreath from the pan, what to use in lieu of a bundt, etc...

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