How To: Install a Grommet

Shelly, aka Mod Home Ec Teacher, was part of our January Jumpstart contest and has kept in touch since. She let us know about her recent step by step how to on installing grommets, a great skill to have in your DIY decor bag of tricks...

Shelly shows off her skills with a very clear and concise how to, with each and every step along the way illustrated with photos. Here is the Cliffs Notes version...

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The Supplies - grommet kit, pencil, ruler, scissors, x-acto, hammer, screwdriver, fabric
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Measuring - mark the center of where you want your grommet, then take the grommet hole punch and center it on your mark, pounding to make an indentation

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Cutting - use an x-acto to make a X in the resulting circle indentation and then cut out the circle with small scissors

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Placing Grommet - Right side of fabric: insert the main grommet piece (the one with the protrusion) through the hole. Wrong side of your fabric: place the ring on top of the protrusion with the domed side facing up.

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The Big Finish - Take the grommet tool and place it on a solid surface, then use a hammer to pound it into place with the wrong side facing up. Hit solidly 5 times.

Be sure to check out the full DIY by Shelly at Curbly for all the details, photos and tips.

Thanks, Shelly!

Photos: Mod Home Ec Teacher at Curbly