How To: Keep Your Keys Organized

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Good keys gone wild. Keys come into your life all of the time. And because only a few deserve to be carried with you, everyone has a growing key club back at the house. For example:

the key for the bike lock,
the gym locker,
your parents house,
the window gate…I think.
Hey, what's this one?

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As we enter the nesting season, it is time to clean out your key collection. Here is your job for the week: go through all your keys and throw out all of those that you can no longer identify (test first). Don't be afraid! With those that remain, put each one on a ring with a label clearly attached. Take all of these rings and keys and put them onto a carabiner, which you can hang near the front door.

Carabiners are a great (and chic) way of quickly and easily grouping your keys. They are also great for carrying your daily key collection as you can attach it to your bag or a belt loop and never lose them for slipping down somewhere. MGR

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