How to Kill Paper Clutter with an $8 Can of Spray Paint

How to Kill Paper Clutter with an $8 Can of Spray Paint

Taryn Williford
Jun 27, 2011

What was that number again? When you have the memory of a house fly, it's nearly impossible to hold on to things like phone numbers or dollar amounts. And so, as you may have predicted, my desk is littered with Post-It notes and folded scraps of paper, each covered with dozens of digits I'll never need again. Thankfully, there's a greener (and less cluttered) solution out there for jotting down notes in your home office: A Chalkboard Desk.

We've seen refrigerators, laptops and office walls transformed into chalkboards, but never a desk top like this one.

Instructables user apocello considers himself a jack of all trades. So when the mechanical engineer needed a new solution for note taking on his work bench, he knew he could turn right to something trending in the home decor world: Chalkboard paint.

With an $8 can of spray paint, he taped off and transformed one end of his work surface into a chalkboard that's always at-the-ready for jotting down notes or quick calculations.

You can do the same, of course. But because dust is the enemy of gadgets everywhere, do us a favor and make sure to erase your desk-top chalkboard with a damp cloth instead of a dry chalkboard eraser.

Instructables via Lifehacker

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