How To: Kitchen Chalkboard Wall

Audrey's February Jumpstart Project 2009



Title: Kitchen Chalkboard Wall
Name: Audrey
Time: 4 hours
Cost: $40.

A small city kitchen gets a new look. Click above for pics, below for the how-to and be sure to give Audrey a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....

chalkboard paint
2 size rollers
blue masking tape
paint brush
sanding block
paint stick
paint tray
Justin Timberlake Jams

1. sanded wall and created test patch with 2 coats. Removed decor and spackled holes.
2. Washed wall and waited till dry
3. Taped off trim and cut in by trim and wall
4. Rollered paint using W and filling in repeating the W and filling, including behind the fridge by the wall.
5. Let dry and painted 2nd coat.
6. painted switch plate with 2 coats.
7. Fun with the chalk on the wall!!!

Looked for liquid chalk, however, most are for non-porous surfaces. I'm still looking for the liquid chalk in fun colors. USE: quotation of the day inspirational sayings holiday decor (hearts, shamrocks, pumpkins, christmas trees) I'm excited to play!

Give Audrey a THUMBS UP if you find this project helpful....


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