How To: Laundry Loader

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We all have areas of our homes that are a bit overrun and messy. For us, it's the corner of our kitchen dedicated to recycling. For many families, it's the laundry area. This DIY laundry loader can help you get organized and get things washed correctly.

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We came across this project on Craft Leftovers, a site new to us, that shares ideas and tutorials for re-using leftover craft materials. For the laundry loader, blog author Kristin used a combination of purchased and repurposed canvas and PVC piping. Rather than sorting by whites or colors, she wanted to designate whether clothing could be put in the dryer or was wash only, but you could make stencils to sort the laundry for whatever works for your family.

You can download Kristin's instructions for the Laundry Loader, see more photos and discover other good projects for using your crafty scraps and odds and ends at Craft Leftovers.

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