How To Layer Rugs Like a Champ

Apartment Therapy Design Lessons

The last thing you want to think about when shopping for a rug is shopping for two, but trust me, layering is your friend on the floor. You can solve so many design dilemmas with a simple second layer. Need proof? Watch me convince you four times.


Without the rug on rug action, this space from D Magazine (as well as the amazing dining area in the lead from The Glitter Guide) would look unfinished. The layered cowhide highlights the seating area, making it feel like an intentional design choice rather than untethered furniture floating on an enormous rug.


Even with all the colors and styles of rugs available, sometimes you just need to customize. The pattern on pattern in this room from Desire to Inspire is genius because these two choices work together but don't match perfectly, which makes the room feel just undone enough. And if you crave frequent change, replacing just one of these rugs will completely change the look.


The yummy neutrals in this bedroom from Lonny would be fine without a lush sheepskin layer, but with it, the space is transformed into the rumpled, sexy, textured bedroom of your dreams.


This one from Workshop/apd is a two-fer. Layering a small or narrow statement rug over a larger, more neutral one, serves to both cover a larger area of floor and frame that special rug to really make it stand out. Hint: this trick also lets you get away with cutting your spending by buying a smaller size statement rug while still getting all the rug coverage you need in your space. Genius!

(Image credits: The Glitter Guide; D Magazine; Desire to Inspire; Lonny; Workshop/apd)