How To Layout (and Mount a Big TV) in Apartment With a Fireplace?

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Q: I'm moving in with my girlfriend to a pretty cool apartment in NYC. We were charmed by some unique amenities - namely, a large private terrace overlooking the city and a woodburning fireplace. However, now that we are about to move in, we're having difficulty visualizing how best to lay out the apartment to work with these features. The biggest challenge is that we are big movie/TV watchers, and I have a large 50 inch flatscreen TV that I hope to mount on the wall in the living room, but I'm not sure where to put it:

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I included a floorplan that I sketched using floor, (the fireplace is the two narrow rectangles on the left hand side). The chair, coffee table and couch are floating outside the plan and are roughly to scale with the furniture that we have. For added reference, I also included two pictures of the room from the apartment's listing. Thoughts? Right now we are considering mounting the TV on the fireplace. I'd much prefer not doing that, but I can't figure out any alternatives. Thanks!

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