How to Live in 400 Square Feet?
Jonathan B.
Aug 28, 2008

At Re-nest, we believe that choosing to live in less space is one of the greenest decisions you can make. Recently, we've helped a reader sort out how to live in 400 square feet. If you consider 400 square feet expansive, perhaps you might want to consider a newly built 250 square foot condo in San Francisco.

We also covered why you should wait before buying that LCD TV; Wal-Mart's decision to start selling more local produce in their stores; and the snappy, leakproof (and unobtainable!) SIGG lunch box. Links below the jump.


Well, "local" in the case of Wal-Mart means something else, but the decision to ship less food around is still a step in the right direction from an enormous retailer.

A supply glut of LCD TVs means you should consider delaying this potentially energy-saving purchase.

SIGG makes a great lunchbox that's something like a reusable sardine can. It's made of aluminum and leakproof, just like their water bottles. The trouble is that we can't find one we can buy in a store or online!

We're wondering if we could take the plunge: 250 square feet for just under $300,000 in San Francisco?

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