How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style?

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style?

Regina Yunghans
Jun 25, 2013

Q: My live-in partner and I mostly have overlapping taste, but occasionally run into areas of serious design discord. This became glaringly obvious to me (and exponentially more difficult to avoid dealing with) when he presented me with a very heart-felt (but totally not my style) framed art print of a gothy, busty, nude angel (engulfed in flames). No, I'm not joking...

I tried my best to be gracious (and am still trying). My partner isn't a big gift-giver, and he admits that he knew the print probably wasn't my style, but that the "symbolism" of it reminded him of me (long story, but sweet). So obviously, this makes it kind of impossible for me to turn down.

Since we live together, and since he tried so hard to do something sweet, I feel like I need to try really hard to find a home somewhere in our shared home for this thing.

My first idea was the master bathroom, both because it's the room with the least amount of guest traffic (I'm kind of embarrassed by this "portrait of me") and because it's a space I can easily "give up on" re: my aesthetics. I can also easily explain this choice by pointing out that this is a space where I can be reminded of his gift on a daily basis.

I'm not interested in painting the walls, but was wondering what Apartment Therapy readers might suggest re: new shower curtain, towels, and other accessories that might tone down the harsh black frame and flame-filled tones of this print. Overall, the style in our house is pretty modern/minimalist, with some quirky/colorful elements. Think white walls, dark grey accents, wood tones, and the occasional neon-hued painting of a skull with a party hat.

The bathroom in question is pictured below, along with the print (and an up-close version for your viewing pleasure). Please be gentle. If you think of specific color themes, or even products you can link to, that would be amazing.

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