How to: Look Hot Playing Rock Band

How to: Look Hot Playing Rock Band

Taryn Williford
Feb 11, 2009

You know all of us here at the AT family of sites are sticklers for aesthetics. Whether it's a tablescape on a mantle, some typography or a plate of dinner, we want everything we see around us to be beautiful and inspiring. So no surprise, we thought many of our readers would get a kick out of a video tutorial on how to look hot while playing Rock Band...

The video, courtesy of Howcast studios, lists the materials you'll need to start looking hot playing Rock Band.

Having the game is a necessity (go figure), but they also stress the importance of cool clothes, rock decals and—sorry guys—two X chromosomes. Apparently, the only thing better than a hot chick kicking video game butt is a hot chick shredding a solo while kicking video game butt.

Tips on your singing stance, positioning your guitar straps and picking the bass just right are all included in the video for your viewing pleasure. You can thank us later when the hot chick shredding her solo asks you out.

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