How To Make a Beautiful iPhone Case Using Real Pressed Flowers


Heaven knows as the Tech Editor I see more iPhone cases than anyone should be exposed to throughout the year. Cases have become so common, it's all too easy to get jaded about these popular accessories. So count me happily surprised after doing a double-take upon laying my eyes upon these DIY iPhone cases using real appropriate with the arrival of spring time!

Clare over at the Etsy team drops some skills and inspiration galore with this DIY project spotlighted over at their blog yesterday using pressed fresh flowers as graphical elements. The botanical themed designs are arranged over a blank iPhone case then coated in resin (an all-white blank white iPhone case can be had for a little over $2), resulting in a colorful case we'd imagine Maria Sibylla Merian would appreciate.

You'll want to see the whole process, even if you have no intention of doing it's that beautiful: DIY Pressed Flower iPhone Case

(Images: Lobese; Clare McGibbon)