How To: Make a Block Print

We did a unit on printing in our high school art class, but relying on our fuzzy memory to employ those techniques today would no doubt lead to crafting disaster. Luckily, Urban Outfitters has paired up with Stephen Loidolt of Something's Hiding in Here to create a How To video on block printing...

Does he look familiar? You might remember Loidolt and wife Shauna Alterio's amazing home featured at ReadyMade Magazine and design*sponge, which contains plenty of proof of the pair's artistic ability.The video showcases some of Urban Outfitters' selection of crafting products, but if you've already got materials or would prefer to visit your local art store instead, that's cool; the tutorial will still be helpful. Check it out at the UO website, and learn more about Loidolt and Alterio's work at Something's Hiding in Here.