This tutorial over at Sunset magazine's home blog reminded us of all the crazy things we used to do with cinder blocks back in our college-dorm days. So we thought it was perfect, seeing as a lot of college students are just about to head back to school...

We love that this project could be easily completed using almost 100% salvaged materials (boards and bricks shouldn't be too hard too find). We also like that it looks like a relatively simple project — and Sunset supplies all the instructions.

We admit, the end result is still a little college-dorm-roomy, but we still like it. Depending on your aesthetic style, this bookcase could work in a more grown-up setting.

Have you ever made anything like this? I'm thinking of the table we made after college, out of a couple bookshelves and a salvaged door.

Via: Home by Sunset
Image: Home by Sunset