How To Make a Custom-Scented Candle


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A tutorial on ManMade points you in the direction of making a "masculine" candle, and we assume they don't mean a candle that smells like aftershave or bacon (although the latter does sound tempting). A DIY perfect for anyone who'd love a candle free of florals and baked goods scents; instead of lavender-vanilla cupcake, you can do cedar, pine, or even citronella if you want to use it outside your manly-man cave and ward off mosquitoes at the same time.

All you need is a cheap and basic secondhand mug (like your old enamel camping mug) and some dollar-store candles to melt down. Swirl in some essential oil, and you've got yourself a rustic candle that you can refill once it burns down.

Go to ManMade for the full tutorial!

(Image: ManMade)

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